Darryl loves God, loves his family so much and LIVES for Christ in all he does. He is more than a Pastor, Teacher, He is a Friend.

Pastor Darryl and Pam Harris

Hello, my name is Darryl Harris and this is my wife of 32 years, Pam.  We wish to thank you for checking out our site.  I hope you get to visit us in person real soon.  God called us to plant a church in Eureka Springs in 2010.  With five core families, a new kingdom work began.  We currently have around 200 members with four other staff that make ministry in the Ozarks, such a delight.  We unapologetically get to experience the wonderful presence of God every time we meet.  We are introduced to new families every Sunday and look forward to meeting yours.  If you are unable to meet with us in person, please find the livestream and archive options in these pages.
                           May God bless you as you intentionally seek His face.
                                                           Pastor G. Darryl Harris

  Darryl and Pam Harris       Paul and Danyelle Harris     Tim and Teresa Adams       David and Tammy Griggs

Darryl and Pam Harris       Paul and Danyelle Harris     Tim and Teresa Adams       David and Tammy Griggs


Worship Ministers Paul and Danyelle Harris

Worship & Associate Pastor, Paul Harris
Paul & Danyelle have been teamed together through marriage and ministry in music for more than 20 years. They've been so blessed to bring along with them in the journey 4 awesome children and lovers of Jesus. They are Alyssa, Caleb, Daxton, & Baylee; all of whom love to worship Jesus and have served on the worship team in some form or capacity. The Holy Spirit drew them into the New Day journey a year into its existence and they continually express that it's been the sweetest ministry ride God has taken them on thus far. They enjoy pouring their mentoring lives into students and young couples and seeing healthy rise above some of the ashes of hurt and disappointment that this life can sometimes bring.





Youth Ministers Tim and Teresa Adams






Children Ministers David and Tammy Griggs

        David and Tammy Griggs have lived in NW Arkansas over 20 years. After surrendering to mission work in 2003, God placed in them a passion to see young people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. They actively serve on the Outreach Missionary team at Rock Haven Ministries. God called them to New Day Fellowship as children's pastors in 2015. Their heart's desire is to accept every childwith open arms, teaching like Jesus taught, loving like Jesus loved and serving like Jesus served.
        We invite your children to come experience church like never before.  Each week your children will be active participates in Bible stories, both small and large group Biblelessons, music and games.
        We want you and your children to feel comfortable during worship services. In today's world it's necessary to know who is caring for your child. We have experienced staff to work with special physical needs, allergies or learning difficulties.  They are CPR/First Aid certified with current background checks.  Parents are encouraged to ask questions or even join their kids in children's church.